Thursday, 12 June 2014

A Weighty Issue!!!

Am I the only one noticing this problem? Duchess Catherine and several starlets have had their skirts blown up a few times by gusts of wind. Question being. Why won't they wear weighted hemlines? C'mon. The first time, I can understand would be an accident. But more that twice? This can't be a 'flash' in the pan. Do they enjoy flashing their undies? My fiancé enjoys seeing it, but it can't be fun for these chicks. 

When Duchess Catherine touches down at any airport she should probably now realise the airport is pretty windy and if the fabric doesn't allow for weighted hems wear a skirt or dress that can or maybe wear trousers just in case. 

Now to the starlets. Most of them can afford someone to sew in some weights. Their stylists should know better. Do a wind test with a couple of fans. 

Queen Elizabeth has worn weighted hemlines for years, but even the Queen isn't immune to a little gust of strong wind. It might not work every time, but there is no harm in keeping your bootie covered.