Wednesday, 5 September 2012



Like most people I'm a fan of the wardrobe malfunction. From 'Nipplegate' of 2004 (thanks Miss Jackson) to Britney Spears forgetting her undies.
With all the money in the world these starlets forget to wear underwear, bras and Hollywood tape. But without them...well fashion wouldn't  be fun would it?

Our most recent star at least remembered her underpants.

When Alicia Vikander was at the premiere of 'Anna Karenina' in London, Keira Knightley's co star who plays 'Kitty' in the film flashed a little too much in her green dress. 

On her way into the premiere Alicia's split almost revealed to the world her 'hello kitty'. 

Incredible body? Yes. But thanks for wearing your underpants.