Friday, 14 December 2012


Today I'm in no mood for fashion. I woke up this morning to hear some horrific news, one that will change families, schools and a nation.

Coming from Australia, this kind of news has horrified me, and the devastation has broken my heart and I'm quite sure the rest of the world's.

18 children have died from the hands of a maniac. I will not mention the name, but the male shooter who entered Sandy Hook Elementary School in the New England town of Newton, Connecticut, shot and killed 18 children aged 5-10 years old and  9 teachers.

I haven't stopped crying since the news broke, and my heart goes out to the victim's families and the survivors of this senseless tragedy.

I have a 5 year old son and yesterday I watched him be an angel in his Christmas pageant, and now to realise that grieving parents will have to bury their little angels has made me feel angry, sad and most of all empty inside.

Parents will not see their beautiful kids grow up, go to the prom, have families of their own. For the survivors, they have lost a part of their innocence. Sorry, but I hope this evil monster rots in a pit of hell.

No one deserves this. No one. 

Maybe it isn't the time to discuss gun laws, but when is????
Connecticut State Police lead children from the Sandy