Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Canberra; A place of public servants, politicians and money. So you may be (or not be) surprised that we have homeless in this affluent capital city (almost 2000). And since this time of year is extremely cold and will inevitably get worse, our homeless will have to keep warm and find somewhere half decent to sleep. 

This is where HELP FROM THE UNDERGROUND, created by Clint Hutchinson comes in.

With six local designers and the Vinnie's Warehouse in Tuggeranong, the mission was to create six looks that mirrored the designer's philosophy, with one look inspired by Vinnie's Blue Drop-in Centre, called 'The Blue Segment'. Feels very 'Project Runway'. 
Read more about their day at Vinnies on


It started with a Thierry Mugler dress (kindly sold to me the week before by local blogger Georgia at red magpie). Hair done, legs smooth, lippie applied and finally the mascara. Well the mascara, that fell on my dress. Fashionably Emotional? Yes. There were tears.

Plan B: A very amazing little ROMWE ensemble that was given to me the week before by my fave style blogger Jai at Closet Voyage. 

So I was finally set.


When I finally got to the second annual HFTU, held at Zoo Advertising, I entered a world that felt so high fashion, I almost could't breathe. The buzz was so intense that believe it or not, I was speechless and proud of Clint and his beautiful wife, Andrea Hutchinson for the amazing event they have created. 

Creator and recent overnight guest at Canberra's CEO Sleepout last week, Clinton Hutchinson's passion for Canberra's homeless was very obvious and his speech at the start brought a tear to my eye. 

I was not just there as a blogger, I was there as a blogger on a mission, with other local girls, Fiona of opshoppers (ZE BRAINS), Jaiwa of Closet Voyage, Georgia of Red Magpie and Maddie of Mummawoosah, we girls had our own little paradise at HFTU with our Pop Up Op Shop. Fiona is the hardest worker I've ever met. She worked the shop, while we watched the show. What a GEM!!! Read more about our Pop Up Op Shop at opshoppers

I took A LOT of photos, so I will let them do the talking. But please read about the night at these fashionably emotional blogs by equally fashionably emotional Canberra bloggers.
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