Saturday, 19 October 2013

Rihanna covers up in Abu Dhabi

Respectful: Rihanna made sure to cover up from head-to-toe in black ensemble as she posed outside a mosque in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates on Saturday
25 year old singer Rihanna took no fashion risks as she posed for photos outside a mosque in Abu Dhabi in the UAE on Saturday. 

Dressed in a head to toe jumpsuit, Riri paid respect to local custom and kept it modest only adding a little bling with a gold necklace and scarf covering her head.

Ri looks absolutely beautiful and even more so because she's covered. The red lippie and mani add sexiness without the sexiness. 
Spot the difference: Rihanna poses in her hijab as two local women walk past behind her
Still glamorous: The singer wore crimson lips and dark red fingernails, and added a statement gold necklace as she posed with a hoodie covering her head
Strike a pose: Rihanna made sure to turn her outing into a fashion shoot as she posed dramatically outside the Muslim place of worship
Fitting in: The singer paid heed to the dress requirements in the Middle Eastern city, where local women tend to cover up their bodies