Saturday, 19 October 2013

Rita Ora in Fendi | iHeartRadio LIVE

Credit: Getty Images

I either love a Rita Ora look or I don't. This look she donned on the red carpet for iHeartRadio LIVE has me umming and ahhing. 

Opting for a mink and knit sweater and skirt from Fendi's Fall 2013 collection, her striped confection looked pretty fab on the runway, it was also look pretty amaze balls in the pages of Vogue, but on the red carpet, I find it a little much. 

To top it off Rita added leather booties with mink detail, also by Fendi. I am not a preacher, but "isn't that a little too much fur dahling?"

I really do like this as an editorial fashion piece, but it's lacklustre on Miss Ora.

Oh and what's with the hair? Looks in desperate need of a treatment.