Thursday, 14 November 2013

Special Mention | Jaimie Alexander and that DRESS!

Mind is a little blow with this one. It even had my friend and I examining closely to our boyfriend's amusement. 

Jaimie Alexander revealed all on the red carpet at El Capitan in Hollywood for the premiere of Thor: Dark World in early November. The dress: by Azzaro Couture is visually stunning and editorially would be spectacular with the alluring strategic cutouts, but girl, on the red carpet, there is bound to be a crotch fest. 

Every move, a body part that we'd normally keep covered is joyfully put on display. But I have to say she has a killer bod and her confidence is inspiring. 

Note: what my friend and I were examining close up was whether she had her va jay jay vejazzled. Answer: Undecided. My boyfriend thinks it's a shimmer from the sheer fabric.