Saturday, 2 August 2014

Rihanna in Shaun Samson | NYC

Why is it that when I walk outside my house with boxer shorts, bra-let and Monolo Blahniks I get a different kind of attention than Riri? Well, that's because none of us can pull off bed wear like her.

Spotted heading to local VIP Club in New York City, Riri was really a sight to behold in Shaun Samson 'Blow Me' boxer shorts, Rihanna for River Island Fall 2014 denim jacket and Monolo Blahnik 'Chaos' sandals. 

To top it off, her lips are amaze balls. 

But please ladies, do not attempt this because you might get mistaken for a hooker

Keeping it together: The Umbrella singer was keen to retain some modesty while remaining cool
Better the denim you know! Rihanna showed off her taut tummy of the night out