Monday, 4 May 2015

FASHFEST Special: Q&A with Braddon Tailors

Who are Braddon Tailors? I'll fill you in.

Established in 2010 by Pip Morgan, Braddon Tailors channels the "old school" by creating timeless and bespoke pieces for men in their Canberra studio. Read why men should be bucking trends and investing in pieces that mean something. Learn what makes this local bespoke label so special before they hit the FASHFEST runway on day 3.

1. What sets you apart from other men's labels 

Braddon Tailors is distinguished from other labels by the detail of our garments, and the quality and expertise invested in  design and manufacturing. This defines our simple and elegant style. We have a reputation for providing timeless and elegant, yet highly wearable garments of the highest calibre.

2. With a huge amount of choice for men, what is missing in men's fashion?

We actually don’t see a huge amount of choice for men. Men’s fashion in Australia is largely dominated by a few homogenous brands and chain retailers. You see the same fashion in every large shopping centre—brands selling the same lifestyle with clothing that is essentially all the same. Braddon Tailors is bespoke fashion. You get a unique garment that lasts you for ages.

3. Fashfest is only a stone's throw away, can you give me an idea of what to expect from this collection and are there any surprises?

It's exciting for us to be so close to FASHFEST. We've been planning for some months. In 2015,we’re demonstrating how well we do the basics. Nice clean lines and great fabrics. Our FASHFEST collection takes a nod to cold Canberra wintersWe’ll be using unusual wintery fabrics while keeping true to the simple, elegant lines and silhouettes Braddon Tailors is so well known for.

4. There's been a surge in androgynous dressing from women on the runway to the ultra-cool style bloggers, how do you feel about us stealing your style?

We believe men and women are both moving towards an androgynous lookwith less structured clothing. Look at the silhouettes of many young mentighter pants hugging the curves of the body and baggy, longer shirts and t-shirts reminiscent of the looser tops women have been wearing for some time. With more structured pieceswe love how we create lovely flattering pieces for everyone, no matter what body shape.

5. Trends can be a dangerous thing, what should the Australian male avoid wearing?

Slavishly following trends is a money waster and boring. The one thing Australian men should avoid is trendsWhy? More often than not, the garments are made from cheap fabrics with poor construction techniques. Their ethical production can be called into question and they’re only made to be worn for a short period. So what are you forced to do? Buy the next trendy garmentMen especially are better off investing in quality clothing that fits them properly.

6. Who is the worlds best dressed man?

There isn't one man. In our books, a style icon takes time to consider what they’re wearing, beyond a label or trend.Creating a style or look, and being well dressed, means considering how  garments work for you and your body type, and then tweaking them to make them your own. Apart from the gents at Braddon Tailors, of course, Jonathan McFeat, the genius behind luxury menswear accessory label Casa Pavoneis certainly well dressed. We admire Canberra based blogger Andrew Doyle for his dedication to the process behindcreating wonderful garments. For something more creative, Steven Wright from Corr Blimey, another FASHFEST label, has a strong personal style and is truly dedicated to the way he pulls an outfit together.

See Braddon Tailors on Day 3 at FASHFEST.

Special thanks to Braddon Tailors for supplying me photos.