Thursday, 24 October 2013


I was quite shocked when I read about two racial incidents that has happened at luxury department store Barneys in New York. 

19 year old African-American student, Trayon Christian was accosted by police after a seemingly normal transaction of a $350 belt at a Barneys Store, with police demanding "how a young black man such as himself could afford to purchase such an expensive belt."

Now that story pissed me off. Firstly do a percentage of white America think that African-Americans have no money? Have they not heard of Oprah? Do they know they have a black president? Do you think that if a homeless caucasian and a well dressed black person walked into Barneys, would Barneys stop the dark skinned person? Probably yes. That is the problem. Does Barneys give no training to their staff? 

And this is not the first time and Oprah ain't the first. After hearing Trayon's story, 21 year old Brooklyn resident Kayla Phillips suffered a similar fate when she bought a $2,500 Céline handbag in February.

With four undercover police interrogating her at the train station straight after buying the bag, Kayla recalled the police asking "What are you doing here in Manhattan? Where'd you get the money to buy that expensive bag."
After showing police her ID and debit card they let her go.

Imagine in the 21st century still living like this. I don't have a huge understanding on race issues in America, as we have our own racism here in Australia, but it's quite sickening to see this still happening in a country that's supposedly FREE!

If I ever get the chance to travel to the United States remind me not to shop at Barneys or any place that has behaved like this. 

Rapper, Jay Z is about to do a campaign with Barneys. With his power, Jay should boycott this company and hopefully won't endorse such a company until they fix this issue.

Both have sued. With Trayon suing Barneys and Kayla suing the NYPD. 

I'm quite sure more stories of a similar nature will come out.