Wednesday, 2 October 2013


As I sat in front of my Mac and a cleared room I waited anxiously for Louis Vuitton SS14 show to start, and this is not just any show (well no LV show is) but this was special. When I heard the news that this would be Marc Jacobs' last show for the house, I could not miss this.

Now for anyone who has seen a LV show, knows that Marc Jacobs doesn't do things by halves. From the carousel to the escalators, Marc has put me to tears with his imagination and unique ideas for fashion shows. They really aren't just fashion shows. They are an emotional ride that has made me so happy and so teary eyed at the same time. I knew this show would have me crying like mad.

With classical music playing and feather headdresses adorned the models, the drama played out with from the start with a naked Edie Campbell clad in Stephen Sprouse graffiti logos spray painted and a trail of black jewels that started at her crotch and attached to her wrists. 

The stage setting was a 'best of' with the clock at tick-tocking at the start, the carousel, the water fountain to one of my faves the escalators, Marc reminded us of the fashion ride he has taken us on. 

This was almost like a funeral (a very high fashion funeral) which was quite fitting, with models covered mostly in black but broken up with blue denim and chiffon cut outs. 

The feathers and showgirl glitter was a celebration...... but enough of my rambling. Just see below. 
Credit: InDigital